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Heath and Emmanuel grew up as footy fanatics, dreaming that one day they’d make the big time and have their very own sports cards, just like the pros.

Unfortunately their sporting talent didn’t align with their ambition, but the good news is it inspired them to embark on a new mission.

To find a way to give every child the chance to feel like a superstar and create their very own sports card – and that dream has now come true for over 200,000 little legends and counting.

From just $1 per card and delivered to your door in days – why wouldn’t you make these part of your presentation night or a gift for that special someone who grew us sharing this dream.

So what’s the vision from here? The team want to take these to every corner of Australia, and then all over the globe, to give every child the chance to feel that magical moment when they are holding their very own card, and celebrate those little legends who are out there giving it a go.

We’d love your help, so please spread the word or get in touch if we can help you in any way.

The Team

Heath Evans

Heath Evans – Founder & Footy Fanatic

A childhood footy tragic, who spent over a decade working across the sporting, consumer, and not-for-profit sectors (ex. AFL Players’ Association, VicSport, World Vision), Heath now works with the nation’s most brilliant entrepreneurial minds at the Melbourne Accelerator Program. He has also launched several award-winning projects, and is a Coach of Seth Godin’s altMBA.

Emmanuel De George

Emmanuel De George – Founder & Finance Wiz

A wizard with numbers, Emmanuel is the assistant professor of accounting at Miami Business School and a global thought- leader in the field of accounting and economics.

He grew up in Melbourne, a footy lover from an early age before embarking on his finance journey which has included completing his PHD at the University of Michigan, becoming the Assistant Professor of Accounting at London Business School, and most recently moved back to the states to join Miami Business School.

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