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Printing & FAQs

How it works

How are Future Talent different to other custom sports cards providers?

Quality is everything when it comes to these cards. We spend much more than double what anyone else does on their product, using cutting-edge printing technology and premium print stock to ensure these feel like the real deal – and trust us you can tell the difference.

So do you create the cards, or do we?

Our website is designed to put you in control. You upload your photo, choose your template, add the text for each team member, and then when you’ve placed your order we take care of the rest and have them printed and delivered to your door within days.

Can we save our progress as we go?

Yes, once you create your account everything you do will be saved. This makes it easy to continue what you’re working on later, but also makes it easy for reordering later.

What’s the minimum number of cards we can order?

We have a minimum 10 card order, however these can all be entirely different cards and is only the limit for the entire order – not per player.

Do you have special prices for clubs?

Yes, we do we offer special partnership pricing for some clubs. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Creating a custom team template

How do we create a custom template for our club?

We can create a custom template, featuring your team logo and colours, for a one-off fee of $24.95. Once this is created it will be available on the website for anyone in your club to use, and the cost simply covers our expenses for an external designer to create the template.

What do you need to create a custom template and how long will it take?

We simply need your club logo, and any specific details you would like included in the cards. The design takes around 5-7 days to complete and will then be uploaded to the website.

Can I start creating my cards whilst the custom template is being built?

Definitely. You can start creating your cards in the meantime, choosing any template and then simply switch it over when your team template is ready with a click of a button.

Can other teams in our club use the template?

Absolutely. Once it’s created it will remain on the website for you and your club to use indefinitely.

Printing, Packaging and Delivery

What are the card specs?

We print on a heavy duty 350GSM stock, then hand-laminated with a high gloss finish. The cards are 63.5mm width x 88.9mm height.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We print each Monday morning at midday. The cards are then sent by Thursday and for Express Courier orders they should arrive by Friday. We will provide you with the Toll tracking details to follow its progress.

Can we pick up the cards?

Yes, we offer free pick-up from our office in Scoresby, which is located at 25 Rocco Dr, Scoresby VIC 3179 and you will receive a text message when they are ready to collect.

How are they packaged?

Each card set will be packaged in a heavy duty, ultra-clear card storage case. You will receive at least one per order. If you require additional cases please let us know and we can advise if this is possible.

What areas do you ship to?

We ship all over Australia, from Bachus Marsh to Broome, we can deliver within 5 business days to almost any region. (for some rural regions it may take longer depending on Toll’s delivery guidelines)

Fundraising and on-selling cards

Can we use these as a fundraiser for our club?

Absolutely. Many clubs have turned these custom sports cards into a big fundraising opportunity by on-selling these cards to parents in their club. We charge you $1 per card, and often teams sell these individually at up to $5 – contact us with any questions.

If we want to on-sell these at a higher price is that an issue?

Not at all. We know how important it is for grassroots clubs to find ways to fundraise, and we always sell to you at the price we advertise, and then you are welcome to add whatever mark-up you like.

Capturing imagery and photography

What file format is required for the images, and can I use ones from my phone?

We accept any file formats, and photos you’ve taken on your phone will be perfect. We have a maximum upload size of 8mb, and the larger the file the longer it may take to load.

What size should the photos be?

The card dimensions are portrait so this is worth considering when shooting, and the perfect size is X.  We also have a maximum upload size of 8mb, and the larger the file the longer it may take to load.

Can you provide a photographer?

We have relationships with many club photographers from across Australia, and they really are the best of the best. If you’d like us to connect you with one please let us know.